Seven-race program

Join us for a thrilling seven-race program including the Tattersall’s Racing Club Brisbane Rocky Amateurs Bracelet and Bentleys Rocky Amateurs Cup.

Racing results

1st Poetic Heart, J: Chris Whiteley, T: Adrian Coome, W: 54kg

2nd Epic Rant, J: Nathan Day, T: Natalie McCall, W: 57.5kg

3rd Guissola, J: Nathan Thomas, T: Graeme Green, W: 56kg

4th Macho Tycoon, J: Elyce Smith, T: Zoe Hohn, W: 57.5kg

1st Macho Tycoon, J: Nigel Seymour,T: Zoe Hohn, W: 54kg, 6yo(G)

2nd Cheeky RedJ: Micheal Hellyer,T: Ricky Vale, W: 54kg, 4yo(G)

3rd Mamselle Corday, J: Less Tilley,T: Tony McMahon, W: 54kg, 6yo(M)

4th I Can I Will I Am, J: Zoe White T: Tim Cook, W: 54kg, 6yo(G)

1st Motorised, J: Scott Sheargold, T: Fred E Smith, W: 57.5kg, 8yo(G)

2nd Deconstructed, J: Adrian Coome, T: Tom Button, W: 59kg, 5yo(G)

3rd Bold Avenue, J: Corey Bayliss, T: Garnett Taylor, W: 52kg, 4yo(G)

4th Mamselle Corday, J: Dale Evans T: Tony McMahon, W: 56.5kg, 5yo(M)

1st Hidden Nature, J: Dale Evans, T: Kevin Hansen, W: 57.5kg, 5yo(G)

2nd Macho Tycoon, J: David Hayse, T: Zoe Hohn, W: 58kg, 4yo(G)

3rd Dark Angel, J: Chelsea Jokic, T: Glenn Andrews, W: 53.5kg, 7yo(M)

4th Elle the Model, J: David J Simmons, T: Allan A Clark, W: 55kg, 5yo(M)

1st Victory Hotel, J: Pietro Romeo, T: Darryl Gardiner, W: 54kg, 4yo(G)

2nd Hatzis, J: Dale Evans,T: Lyle Wright, W: 55.5kg, 7yo(G)

3rd Casino Benjo, J:Alex Lawrence,T: John Pointon, W: 54.5kg, 4yo(G)

4th Castle Express, J:Adrian Coome,T: Bill Kenning, W: 59kg, 7yo(G)

Understanding the basics of betting

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How to read a horse racing form guide

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