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Judging Criteria

Style and originality

Important for a contestant to have their own style. It’s nice to see someone put an outfit together which allows their personality to shine through. The fashion judges will be looking for an Autumn appropriate ensemble. This would include sleeves, (cap, 3/4 ), closed-toe or peep-toe shoes, hosiery and gloves. For the Classic category – consider an outfit that is timeless and elegantly coordinated.

Appropriateness of the outfit for the individual

Dress with your body shape and age in mind. Exposed shoulders and cleavage are not true Ladies Racewear.

Attention to detail with accessories

This is a very important one! You could have a beautiful dress, but it will appear too simple if you don’t accessorise it properly. Give attention to your hat, bag and jewellery.

Understanding and interpretation of the current fashion trends

Be on-trend with what is happening in the fashion world always ensuring that you adapt this to your body shape and personality.

Grooming and deportment

Be on-trend with what is happening in the fashion world always ensuring that you adapt this to your body shape and personality.


Will be judged on Style & Design – Match to the outfit & Quality Workmanship. Millinery should make a clear fashion statement yet fully compliment the outfit. Style and Design should demonstrate originality and be appropriate for the season. As this is Autumn, definitely no straw or sinamay. Felt, feathers, silks and Leather are all appropriate for the season.


Style and originality

Fashion with an edge – stand-alone look! The outfit should be individualised with accessories such as a hat, lapel flower, cufflinks or pocket-handkerchief. As the season is Autumn a Jacket and Tie are essential.

2023 Special Guest Judge

Emma ScodellarO

Emma Scodellaro is a Fashions on the Field competitor, judge, author, racing ambassador and the creator of the worldwide social media platform ‘It’s All About the Sash’ on both Facebook & Instagram @itsallaboutthesash. She began competing in FOTF in 2009, predominately within Victoria but has also competed interstate and internationally.

Emma has won ‘Lady of the Day’ on numerous occasions, her most noted achievements in FOTF include:

National Finalist at Flemington racecourse after qualifying on Derby Day in 2023
Winning the Longines Award for Elegance at Flemington Racecourse
Placing at Flemington racecourse
Winning & placing runner up at Caulfield Racecourse
Winning the overall Country Racing Victoria’s ‘Best Dressed’ competition in 2013 after coming 2nd in 2012
Top 10 finalist at Flemington, Caulfield and Interstate on multiple occasions
Winning the Mitchell Shire Regional title in 2019
Appointed as the Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival Ambassador for 2021 & 2022

Emma’s greatest achievement in FOTF is her involvement with ‘It’s All About The Sash’, which is a positive support & resource networking platform for all involved in Fashions on the Field, promoting inclusivity, new friendships, ideas and where photos of FOTF competitions worldwide are shared. ‘It’s All About The Sash’ is her passion project as the group aims to educate, promote and contribute to the development of FOTF events not only in Australia but also internationally.

Emma has authored an extensive range of articles and guides on the topic of Fashions on the Field and has been regularly interviewed for National publications as an experienced commentator on the subject. She has also worked with multiple race clubs and committees to offer ideas and support in the development of their FOTF competitions.

Emma has judged extensively within Victoria, Interstate & for many virtual competitions both in Australia & Overseas and prides herself on her impartiality and depth of knowledge of quality fashion, styling, millinery and racewear.


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